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E20 provides a simple to use yet powerful incident reporting (desktop and mobile) platform with built-in Actions and Task management.


We have removed the need, where it adds zero value, to login to complete and add vital information to your safety efforts.


Doing so means you have an unlimited number of potential users giving invaluable effort and insight as efficiently and effectively as possible.


You can add detailed investigations that can cover actions to resolve, witness statements, photos and supporitng documents, activity, insurance claim and training records of involved people.

See an example incident report here.

incident image 3.png
incident image 1.png
incident image 2.png


E20 makes a distinction between actions (things are needed to correct a non-compliant state) and tasks (things that are required to be carried out repeatedly and regularly).


  • Complete Control and Management Reporting

  • Actions - Correct Problems

  • Tasks - Repeating Activities

  • Fast & Efficient Task Management

  • Intuitive Responses immediately and Direct from the system Email (no need to log back into the system when back in the office)


As with the overall design parameters for E20 the setting of Tasks and Actions is intuitive and fast. In the case of tasks the person being set the task can respond directly from their email (mobile device or desktop) to the required form. So for example the form to check a piece of plant every Friday by Fred Smith is pushed straight to him and he can respond immediately.


Dashboard Integration - Our clients expect powerful simplicity, so to ensure seamless integration of the task data it sits alongside Incidents/Accidents and Hazards as powerful Business Intelligence data within our standard dashboard process.



tasks 1.png
tasks 2.png
tasks 3.png


Qualification, Job Role and Staff management.


You can manage your organisational training and certification using the E20 Safety Platform.


You can decide which courses you wish to monitor, the qualifications each job role must have (both core and desirable) and assign staff to those job roles. The course timeline will then visually and via email notifications manage the competencies and allow effective management of dates, certifications etc.


Simple & Powerful Competency Management


Competency by course type, job role and individual staff member can be controlled and full certificates kept. The system will also allow versioning of each course, so if a staff member has an annual certification for instance then each yearly record and certificate is kept against that person's name.


Training records integrate with incidents to aid defensibility 

training 1.png
training 4.png
training 3.png
training 2.png


You can add document libraries to classify and hold any type of document group you like (including any files type you need to upload).


These documents can then be either used directly from the document manager or assigned on your purpose-built dashboard (for example your team in the field may need remote access to your safety management documents).


Using the built-in action and task management feature you can schedule updates and version control of these documents.





documents 1.png
documents 2.png
documents 3.png
documents 4.png


E20 form builder provides a powerful and easy to use form building process. You can design and build forms to accomplish any task, from safety audits and inspections to risk assessments and customer feedback. 

Save & Resume
Give people the opportunity to save a form and return later.


Responsive Forms
Let people fill in forms from anywhere and on any device.


Conditional Logic
Allow users to skip irrelevant form questions and save time.


Drag and Drop
Build beautiful online forms without any coding knowledge.

audits checklists 1.png
audits checklists 2.png


E20 provides out of the box template risk assessments that cover the following areas:


  • General risk assessments (HSE 5 Steps Approach)

  • DSE Assessments

  • COSHH Assessments

  • Manual Handling Assessments


You can of course either use our templates or completely redesign from scratch to suit your own requirements. The above form builder module allows unparalleled flexibility to achieve the results that you want, without having to compromise.


risk assessemnt 2.png
risk assessment first top image.png


Powerful Analytics


Dashboards provide a central location for users to access, interact and analyse up-to-date information so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions. Our dashboards enable you to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time and on the go.


You can visualise and analyse data and focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from across the organisation on your dashboard, helping you gain valuable insight and drive quick and accurate decision making.


The Incidents and Actions dashboard is standard on all full subscription Safety Portal agreements. We can also design additional dashboards based on your needs as a business.


Better Decision Making


You can analyse key data more quickly and thoroughly, improving the understanding from any organisational division, department, site or location. Our dashboard provides rich interactive visualisations, making the analysis process more intuitive and performance issues easier to observe. 


Be Mobile – Take Your Business Intelligence with You


Today, users expect more functionality on their mobile devices. They want to have complete interactivity with their dashboards and reports while on the go, they don’t want to be limited to just viewing an image of it.


Our dashboards are designed for mobile with HTML5 web technology letting you view, analyse and interact with your data - all in real time. 

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dashbaords mobile.png
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