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Following a 10 year career in insurance and risk consulting, our founder, Craig Lydiate decided to set up independently and deliver customer focussed solutions that added value, at the core of its ethos.


Formed originally in 2003 as Eighty20 Consulting, it provided consulting and training services for clients, supplemented by providing third party software solutions plus some in-house developed platforms including the Engage surveys brand.


Technology and innovation has always been in our DNA and in 2013 Eighty20 Risk Systems was formed. This was to specifically develop our own platforms, giving clients the very best of cutting edge solutions. Our knowledge and use of existing systems, coupled with our expertise in safety management, felt that we in the position to build a much superior product to those already on the market place & deliver it at significantly lower operating costs.


This has led to the E20 platform and subsequently our latest iteration of this highly successful technology, E20 io Safety Management System.

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So why E20 io {eye-oh}? 

The basis of the name came from input / output (i/o) essentially what our management system is all about. As huge science fans, it also came as a happy coincidence that io is also one of the moons of Jupiter.

We listened, we reacted and we built E20 io 

We brought in-house certain aspects of the system that had previously relied on 3rd party partners to resolve, should there ever be issues. Building our own system in-house, gives us back total control and the chance to built our own version with greater and much enhanced functionality.

Should you require a video call, to run through all the advantages on E20 io, please contact the Eighty20 team to arrange a suitable day & time.


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